The QUANTUM GODDESS Activation was made for

Female Entrepreneurs who crave more ease and flow around Money, Client Attraction & Sales. 

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Are you the type of woman who desires money to flow easily... from multiple sources?

And to flow in based on Your Own Energetic Alignment... NOT based on how much "work" you do?

Then this experience is definitely meant for you!

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Quantum Goddess - 5 Day Experience

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14th To 18th Nov

5 Day Interactive Event

Learn how to finally Activate your Divine Feminine Magnetism that creates ease and flow around MONEY!

Quantum Goddess

Activate the Goddess within you

This is for the woman who knows they're meant for EVEN MORE... and ready to surrender and relax in order to receive.


From the comfort of your home!

Practice, Learn and attend this 5 day event from the comfort of your home.

The Nitty Gritty

So HOW exactly do we Activate our Divine Feminine Magnetism that creates ease and flow around MONEY???

Day 1 - Healing the Wounded Masculine 

My mind was absolutely blown when I learned that there is a wounded masculine inside of us protecting the feminine.

Preventing her from actually Magnetizing… 

What causes this? It can be a lot of different things. 

Being hurt by someone and putting walls up. 

Carrying guilt and shame from past mistakes. 

Ever having money “issues”.

Not feeling supported by people in our lives, especially men. 

EVEN men we love a lot.

Dad, Husband, Brothers, past lovers. 

And especially any sort of abuser. 

Take a moment to take some notes around the men in your life that have influenced you, anything you may be carrying guilt and shame around and anyone you currently feel “hurt” by or sad about in relationships. 

We will be healing all of this on day 1. 

Day 2- My Ultimate Surrender Practice

What comes to mind when YOU think of Surrender?

After this process... that might change!

I’ll be teaching you my own personal surrender practice to show you how to consistently tap even more deeply into divine ease and flow.

Day 3- Activating your next level intuition through direct divine connection

I’ll be giving you my absolute favorite daily Tangible Intuitive Tools. 

Use these daily to tap into your highest connection to the divine to find guidance for yourself or even use this with your clients.

Day 4- Hiring and working with your spiritual guidance team 

Every single month I enlist a brand new Spiritual Guidance Team to help me grow my business and it works like magic. 

I will be giving you the exact protocol for this as well as how I work with them on a daily basis for maximum results. 

This part is so much FUN!

Day 5- Finally release past trauma that is directly preventing your next quantum leap in money and business 

My clients absolutely rave about our subconscious reboot & release sessions because releasing limiting beliefs ALWAYS brings more ease and flow. 

We currently charge $997 for private subconscious sessions but this part of the work is SOOOO important that…. 

I’ve included a group session right inside this program just for you. 

Just to RECAP!

This Incredible Experience was made for Female Entrepreneurs who crave more ease and flow around Money, Client Attraction and Sales. 

It's for the woman who desires money to flow from multiple sources and based on YOUR OWN Energetic Alignment NOT based on how much "work you do". 

This is for the woman who knows they're meant for EVEN MORE and willing to surrender & relax in order to receive.

Get access today... To begin

activating the Divine Feminine Magnetism inside of you!

Meet Your Host - Amber Frelin

Hi Goddess... I'm Amber Frelin.

I’m an Intuitive Business Coach, Angelic Channel & Certified Master Quantum Healer based in Sunny Southwest Florida. 

In 2015 I started my first business and eventually... graciously released my previous career in the medical field.

In 2020 I manifested my ultimate dream life. 

The divinely guided beach life!

 I visualized down to every single detail and my husband and I made it happen. 

He's an amazingly talented coach and healer too...

I had a tumultuous relationship with money for about 10 years of my life. 

I never felt like I had enough and I felt incredibly stressed & worried…

…personally  responsible for every dollar that came in and deep down I felt unworthy of having more. 

Our business was doing multi 6 figures per year... by year 2... but I was constantly wishing it was easier. 

I knew it had to be!

I worked on cracking this “ease and flow” code for quite some time.   

It’s my absolute JOY to finally bring this to you. 

Let’s Begin...

Time to Activate the Divine Feminine Magnetism inside of you!



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